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Gold Ingredients
what makes us unique

1. We bring fresh eyes and focussed passion and we are wired to despise “good enough”.

2. We are forged in the trenches, each team member leverages decades of real world experience.

3. We see realities others don’t and have the nerve to try to bring them into being even when most think they are impossible.

Thus our motto, "Impossible just means no one has done it... YET!"

our story
GOLD was born from a simple question that has obsessed us for over 30 years:

What drives human performance, and why do the vast majority of individuals, organizations and teams, perform below their full potential?

In our language we phrased this question as:

What are the fundamental variables in the Performance Formula?

This launched our journey to learn and model as much as we can to help individuals, teams and organizations across different disciplines to drive towards optimal performance. This quest has led us to…
1. Devour over decades all scientific research on performance from leading academic institutions and practitioners
2. Extract key lessons from our own experience in martial arts training and our work coaching professional athletes on mental strength and performance
3. Model success from our work in the trenches as senior mentors and consultants to large multinationals undergoing ambitious transformations
4. Test, fail and learn from our mistakes (and we’ve made many)
our values

Passion is behind everything we do and why we do it. GOLD team members are united by a shared passion to help drive improve human performance beyond what individuals and teams believe they can do


Our team is composed of that rare-breed that values freedom above security. Freedom to innovate; to grow to follow the path we believe, to face our fears HEAD ON, to risk, to fail… and learn se we can rise stronger and succeed.


Purpose is quintessential for our team members and together we leveraging the skills and passion of a team of ridiculously talented people who are crazy enough to believe they can make a difference.

No limits

Our DNA contains contempt for “good enough”.  We throw ourselves against the paradigms of business-as-usual to see what breaks and what can be improved because we see realities others don’t and have the nerve to try to bring them into being.

Radical Transparency

Great performers and top teams know that accurate feedback and clear communication is essential. Both internally and with our clients, we practice radical transparency knowing it is our duty to identify and build on anything that can be improved all in the name of helping clients achieve their maximum performance potential.

selected clients
ATP Athletes
IMG Academy
ATP Athletes
ATP Athletes
what top performers think makes GOLD unique
GOLD drives change and pushes team members to grow as leaders. Companies that implement these principles will have a competitive advantage in their markets”

Tobías Martínez

CEO Cellnex telecom
“In professional tennis, mental strength marks the difference between being a top ten and a top hundred. Adolfo brings tools I'd never seen before to achieve that strength”

Guillermo García López

ATP TEnnis pro
GOLD is a force of change by asking pivotal questions, coaching us to find the answers and keeping us accountable in order to maximize the team's performance”

Mauro Caumi

general manager southern europe
gsk consumer healthcare
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