Leadership & performance coach


With over 20 years of experience in Operations and Business Development, she has focused primarily on the implementation, design, and structuring of sales teams, as well as the monitoring and optimization of processes. She possesses strong communication and leadership skills in team management, demonstrating remarkable versatility and adaptability in international and multicultural environments. Currently, she is enthusiastic about creating high-performance teams in startups through her own entrepreneurial endeavors. Having gained insight from both personal and professional experiences, she recognizes the importance of adopting a coaching perspective and employing NLP (Natural Language Processing) communication skills to transform teams into successful business units. These skills play a vital role in cultivating an environment where individuals are not only motivated to grow, learn, and collaborate but also strive to achieve their full potential while aligning with the company's objectives and challenges. Through the practical application of these skills, she has effectively addressed fundamental needs sought by employees in their professional settings, such as fostering effective communication, nurturing empathy and understanding, resolving conflicts, promoting continuous learning and growth, aligning goals, and building trust.


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