Visual Architect


A free-spirited creative who's always on the move. With a passion design and photography, Alvy brings a refreshing touch to the table. Having traversed through Spain, Norway, Germany, and Austria, his work is influenced by a melting pot of cultures. From captivating websites to sleek branding and eye-catching print materials, Alvy's creations are a perfect blend of elegance and innovation. Fluent in German, English, and Spanish, Alvy breaks down language barriers, connecting with clients and collaborators from all corners of the world. Alvy is your go-to guide for all the imaginative and extraordinary.


The entrepreneurial journey of Alvy kicked off during his teenage years with a passion for filmmaking. As his love for the craft grew, he started freelancing for prestigious companies, refining his skills in video editing, photography, and graphic design. Seeking fresh experiences and inspiration, he embarked on an adventure that led him to Oslo and Berlin, immersing himself in various creative roles. A thrilling twist awaited him when he joined the team at GOLD. Taking on the dual role of a designer and project manager, he had the opportunity to contribute to manage international IT projects, collaborating with a diverse range of stakeholders.
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