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Hey there, folks! The name's Virginia, and I've been quite the globetrotter when it comes to studies and work. I've had the pleasure of calling France, Sweden, Ireland, and Australia my temporary homes, soaking up the culture and experiences each place had to offer. Now, when it comes to languages, I'm a bit of a polyglot. Fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Swedish, I can easily navigate my way through conversations without missing a beat. And hey, if you're up for a casual chat in Italian, I can definitely hold my own! Let me take you back to my childhood, where I was raised in a coastal city that had not one, but two breathtaking seas. Yep, you guessed it—I'm a water baby through and through! Whether it's rowing, sailing, or just about anything that involves getting close to the water, count me in. There's something truly magical about the sea that keeps me coming back for more.


Let me introduce you to this incredible professional with an impressive journey. Currently, she holds the position of PMO at Cellnex, where she is the mastermind behind project management. She ensures everything runs smoothly, tracks progress, and keeps the team on point. It's like she has a magic touch when it comes to delivering exceptional results. Before her role as a PMO, she rocked the position of Strategy and Analysis Responsible in the CEO Office at ACCIONA Infrastructure. She was the go-to person for all things strategic, crunching numbers, and providing valuable insights to shape the company's future. Working closely with top executives, she made sure the company was always on the right track. But let's not forget her thrilling adventures in international strategy and business development. She dove headfirst into identifying growth opportunities and forging strategic partnerships, expanding the company's global presence like a boss. Working across diverse cultures and functions, she embraced the excitement of collaborating with international counterparts. With a knack for analytics, a natural talent for teamwork, and a flair for multicultural and cross-functional collaboration, she brings a unique perspective to the table. She has a passion for process improvement and a talent for problem-solving that's simply unmatched. When she's in charge, you can bet she'll find innovative solutions and lead the way to success.Together, you'll achieve greatness!
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