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Hey there! I'm Jorge Madera Falcón, representing the beautiful Canary Islands (Gran Canaria). Growing up by the sea has shaped me into a laid-back yet ever-watchful individual, thanks to the ocean's teachings. At the ripe age of 17, I jetted off to study abroad, opting for Civil Engineering in Santander. It was a transformative experience that helped me put my thoughts in order and mature along the way. Fresh out of university, I caught a golden opportunity to work in France, where I ended up staying for a solid five years. But hey, I eventually realized it was time to return home and reconnect with my family, who I didn't spend much time with during those years in France.Now, when I'm not caught up in the daily grind, you'll find me engrossed in my ultimate time-consuming hobby—triathlon. It's all about swimming, cycling, and running like there's no tomorrow. A nail-biting race against the clock, tough to conquer, but oh boy, the rewards are simply endless. Don't worry, though—I'll save the juicy details for another time, so you won't be stuck here forever.


I have volunteered for UNHCR in Santander, assisting with document translation from French to Spanish. Additionally, I completed an internship at a local construction company, gaining practical experience in the field. Later, I worked for AGH Consulting in France as a Site Manager, overseeing telecommunications projects for major French telephone operators. Following my time in France, I continued my work with AGH Consulting remotely. Currently, I am proudly serving as a Project Manager for France within the GOLD family.
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