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Former international field hockey player and founder of Flick Hockey & Padel brand, an e-commerce with a physical store dedicated to selling all kinds of material in these specialties. Jordi is one of those committed and honest people who seek to do the right things, for himself and for those around him, and one of those who bet on what they want and do not leave behind a dream without having given everything. If anyone knows the meaning of the words effort, tenacity and potential, it's Jordi. If you know where you are headed, you just have to find the how. His restlessness, tenacity and ability to overcome led him to an Olympics that he never stopped fighting for and are the same ones that make him today the leader and Coach that every person and team wants by their side. This combination between his performance, professional experience and managerial development has allowed him to understand and integrate the existing symbiosis between sport and business with all its nuances. As the father of 2 girls and a boy, an industrial engineer by training, an entrepreneur and an NLP Coach, he is passionate about finding solutions to problems, making the difficult easy, and empowering the growth of people and teams. Thanks to his resilience, he has learned from injuries, defeats and victories. Companies like Metahotel (Coaching Airlines) or Desconnexions are just some of those that have been able to enjoy his experience and strategic vision. Her bond with the sport is still intact, currently as Coach of the ATHC Honor Division first women's field hockey team. If you want to know what you are capable of, prepare for the impossible! There is no project that resists him.


An industrial engineer by profession, during his experience in Australia in 2008 as a player he realized the importance that online commerce was acquiring and that was the spark that ignited this project that little by little has become a benchmark in the world of hockey. At a sporting level, he has been chosen captain of a high performance team for more than 7 years and Coach of 2 teams in the highest category of hockey. Both in sport and in business, I have experienced being part of a team and leading a high-performance team, with their own and common goals. Jordi has played 100 games with the Spanish team for a lifetime with the sport of a couple and, leading two teams as captain, he managed to fulfill his dream, playing in the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. After this first phase as an athletes, a second phase began with one clear purpose in mind: to help people and teams achieve their goals. Restless, with an alert and tenacious mind, Jordi provides the vision and questions that every project needs to reach its potential. With his experimental background and a great focus on improvement, he will help you see opportunities for growth beyond the problem, enhance your strengths and gain a new perspective that will allow you to find solutions towards your goals. From his own cases and real situations or from colleagues, his experience as a team leader, there is never a lack of high doses of motivation, excellence and empathy.
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