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Born in Albacete, raised in Murcia, and lived the UK, Ireland, Croatia and EEUU (twice). If you are Spanish, it sounds life the opening of a joke. Javi defines himself as "non-conformist soul", where head and heart are constantly looking for new experiences that make him evolve in all the possible ways. Where everyone are not confortable, he is willing to play that game. "It was worth every single minute" is what he longs for saying at any time. You can find him doing any type of sport, focus on crossfit and OCRs now though. Animals and helping in charity projects takes also part of his time, like the orphanage he is collaborating to build up in Bukoba, Tanzania. Invite him a stand-up comedy show, and he'll be totally yours.


It has been kinda a rollercoster for him. Started back in 2015 working at the Spanish Embassy in Croatia, crafting and developing new business for Spanish companies, he quickly realized that startups and tech were part of his DNA. In 2016, started his journey in different startups (Media, Logistics, Financials, Crypto, Data,...) until even eventually founded his own one. Playing different roles (CEO, COO, Operations Manager, Service Designer, Sales Manager, Project Manager, among others) in different industries, has given him an holistic and realistic vision of how companies work. His eager mind is always looking for ways of how to improve process, or, better said, how to make people's life easier.
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