The Triangle of Performance

Optimal performance in business and sports requires balancing the three key variables

WORK – Design tasks based on focussed, deliberate principles

Focus on processes, not outcomes

You CAN’T control results and thus they are a poor measure of performance (you can perform poorly and win). The goal is to BECOME better, develop each person and the team by focussing on what you CAN control: PROCESS (focus, intensity, execution).

Stay present

The past is gone and the future is not defined. Looking forward or back disperses your energy causing you to lose power and execution quality declines. Think physics: a given force, applied on a smaller surface creates more pressure (eg a woman’s high-heeled shoe vs a barefoot).

RECOVERY – Alternate stress with rest

Understand that growth requires recovery

Growth occurs in a muscle when resting. Likewise, the mind requires time to reflect, wind down (meditate) and innovate.

Cross-train your body and brain

Too much focus on one subject leads to burnout, lack of creativity and innovation and reduced capacity to give 100% when needed. Change the stimulus to regenerate and break through plateaus.

FUEL – Feed mind, body and soul accordingly

Fuel your performance

Make quality “food” for your mind (thoughts), your body and your soul (passion, not fear) a priority. Culture directly impacts performance so be specific and deliberate in designing and protecting it.

Don’t let low-quality inputs damage your outputs

Toxic environments, poor nutrition (and hydration) and constant fear (disguised as extreme pressure) bring down performance dramatically.


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