GOLD Webinar on Team Well-Being

A Webinar where performance experts delve into the importance of team psychological and physical well-being to driving performance in the corporate world and professional sports. Led by Adolfo Gómez Sánchez, our panel of distinguished speakers will share insights, strategies, and experiences to empower organizations and individuals in achieving peak performance.​

Key Discussion Topics Include:

  • Understanding the crucial role of well being in fostering innovation, collaboration, and performance excellence.​
  • Practical strategies for cultivating a culture of trust, openness, and inclusivity within teams and organizations.​
  • Real-life examples and best practices for optimizing team performance through psychological safety.​
  • Overcoming barriers and challenges to create an environment conducive to high performance and well-being.


Adolfo Gómez Sánchez

Adolfo has spent over three decades merging his academic knowledge of the science of performance with his experience in the trenches as a competitive athlete to mentor C-Suite executives, professional athletes on the ATP and WTA tours, Olympic athletes, and Grammy nominated singers by decoding and optimizing each element of his Performance Formula


1. James Parkes

James' journey from a thriving career in sports, including playing and coaching in England's rugby scene, to his dynamic leap into the world of entrepreneurship as the founder of the MyDay App that partners with leading multinationals to help mental employee health and well-being​

2. Dr. Shuja Ali

A former surgeon, Dr Ali has rounded out his academic training with a graduate degree in business from Yale University and enjoyed a long and successful career first at McKinsey, then as as MD/Chief Investment Officer of the largest investment fund in Dubai, Istithmar World, where he has developed a deep knowledge of the bitotech and healthcare investment space​

3. Josh Fletcher

Josh is a highly experienced coach specializing in stress management, burnout, and building resilience. He has worked with diverse groups, including Special Forces, racing drivers, Olympic medallists, and corporate professionals from renowned organizations​

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