We are successful
Success is earned DAILY

“Success doesn’t stop once you get there”
Michael Jordan

Success is the result of repeated focus on improvement every day over a long period of time

Victory is dangerous because it breeds pride that overlooks our shortcomings

Beware the C.R.A.P of success:

  1. Complacency
    “We’ve arrived, we can relax”
  2. Rush
    “We can skip the basics because we’re so good”
  3. Arrogance
    “We’ve done it before, so success is guaranteed”
  4. Passivity
    “I can play/work at half speed today; I can turn it on anytime”

Success requires a choice.
Are you committed or just interested?

Winning is everything
Growth is the goal

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself makes you fearless.”
Lau Tzu

When driven by fear of losing and ego:

  • Every performance becomes an evaluation of self-worth
    (Dweck’s “fixed mindset”)
  • Winning is your only goal and you are always flooded by tension and doubt

When you use each opportunity/challenge to learn and grow

  • You train your mind to focus on the process, not the result
    (which, paradoxically, produces better outcomes)
  • Every challenge/struggle is information on where you need to grow and improve
  • You give up attachment to:
    • How others see you
    • Money and titles
    • How things “should be”/paradigms

Being overwhelmed
Power through focus

“Expect nothing, prepare for anything.”
Samurai Proverb

Stay present

The past is gone; the future is one of many possible futures. Neither is real and both divert energy and power from your ability to perform

Deliberately review and set your beliefs

The most important factor that limits what you achieve and who you become is your beliefs!

You can never outperform your own self-image (it creates cognitive dissonance and drives you to restore homeostasis)

Protect your freedom to . . .

… Say NO to what does not take you closer to your goals

… Set strict boundaries around key routines