Execution is all about the little things (basics)

Management stifles innovation because it is focused on

  • The simple “basics” are the game changers when competing at elite levels
  • NBA coach Ken Eastman (assistant to Doc Rivers) found that poor execution of the “little things” cost them 32 points per game 
  • You perform at the level of intensity and excellence at which you train, so focus 100% effort and excellence on “every” …
    • Every second of every minute of every game/workday
    • Everybody, in every role, performing at maximum potential
    • Every task, no matter how mundane
  • Lapses of a few “unimportant tasks” done poorly or a few minutes of “poor effect” build up over time and become the deciding factor in leading or falling behind


What 1% will You improve today?

  • Plateaus are taboo, so each day target a new “next level” …
    • Next level focus (being fully present)
    • Next level preparation
    • Next level self-discipline
  • Top performers take two or three “next steps” each and every week, month, quarter, and season to get to that “next level”
  • Move on rapidly from both good and bad events. Success is rented not owned and rent is due every day, thus we have to move on to:
    • The next challenge
    • The next area to improve
    • The next project
    • The next «win»

G-rowth Mindset

Top performers ALWAYS want to grow  …

  • Everyone who aspires to greatness has to be willing to be teachable and coachable
  • Commit daily to …
    • Listen more (even to the things that are “hard” to hear)
    • Work harder (give even 1 % more)
    • Learn more (even outside your core area)
    • Connect more (how can you help and add more value to those around you?)
  • Past results do not guarantee tomorrow’s success:
    • Success is not about what you have accomplished, it’s what you should have accomplished with the talent that you possess
    • What matters most is not what you know, it’s what you need to know to get to where you want to go